Noise to Signal - SuperCollider

"The signal is the truth. The noise is what distracts us from the truth. Hack Noise."

SynthDef(\help_InFeedback, { arg out=0, in=0;
var input, sound;
input =, 1);
sound = * 1300 + 100, 0, 0.4)!2;, sound +,400),,1,1/a.abs/200,99, mul: 0.1));


InFeedback read signal from a bus with a current or one cycle old timestamp

Inherits from: Object : AbstractFunction : UGen : MultiOutUGen : AbstractIn

*ar(bus, numChannels)

bus - the index of the bus to read in from.
numChannels - the number of channels (i.e. adjacent buses) to read in. The default is 1. You cannot modulate this number by assigning it to an argument in a SynthDef

LFNoise1 ramp noise, mul, add), mul, add)

Generates linearly interpolated random values at a rate.
freq - approximate rate at which to generate random values.

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