Buffer Overflow

una condizione di errore che si verifica a runtime quando in un buffer di una data dimensione vengono scritti dati di dimensioni maggiori; viene sovrascritta parte della zona di memoria immediatamente adiacente al buffer in questione, con diversi effetti possibili a seconda di dove è situato il buffer e di come è organizzata la memoria.

Blip band limited impulse oscillator

Blip.ar(freq, numharm, mul, add)

Band Limited ImPulse generator. All harmonics have equal amplitude. This is the equivalent of 'buzz' in MusicN languages.

Line line generator

Inherits from: Object : AbstractFunction : UGen

Line.ar(start, end, dur, mul, add, doneAction)
Line.kr(start, end, dur, mul, add, doneAction)

Generates a line from the start value to the end value.
start - starting value
end - ending value
dur - duration in seconds
doneAction - a doneAction to be evaluated when the Line is completed. See UGen-doneActions for more detail.

Limiter peak limiter

Limiter.ar(in, level, dur)

Limits the input amplitude to the given level. Limiter will not overshoot
like Compander will, but it needs to look ahead in the audio. Thus there is a
delay equal to twice the lookAheadTime.
Limiter, unlike Compander, is completely transparent for an in range signal.

in - the signal to be processed.
level - the peak output amplitude level to which to normalize the input.
dur - aka lookAheadTime. The buffer delay time. Shorter times will produce smaller delays
and quicker transient response times, but may introduce amplitude modulation artifacts.

GVerb A two-channel reverb

#left, right = GVerb.ar(in, roomsize, revtime, damping, inputbw, spread, drylevel, earlyreflevel, taillevel,
maxroomsize, mul, add)

A two-channel reverb UGen, based on the "GVerb" LADSPA effect by Juhana Sadeharju (kouhia at nic.funet.fi).

in - mono input
roomsize - in squared meters
revtime - in seconds
damping - 0 to 1, high frequency rolloff, 0 damps the reverb signal completely, 1 not at all
inputbw - 0 to 1, same as damping control, but on the input signal
spread - a control on the stereo spread and diffusion of the reverb signal
drylevel - amount of dry signal
earlyreflevel - amount of early reflection level
taillevel - amount of tail level
maxroomsize - to set the size of the delay lines. Defaults to roomsize + 1

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